Should I end an Animation that I have started with BABYLON.Animation.CreateAndStartAnimation


A user presses a button. I start and animation on a node with CreateAndStartAnimation. While the animation is running the user presses the button again. I again start a new animation. Is the old animation taken care of? Does anyone know if I should manage it somehow - should I stop it before starting a new one or something?


Edit: In the same question. I am note sure if the name of the animation should be somehow unique. It is not mentioned at Animation - Babylon.js Documentation

yes :slight_smile: nothing to worry about, it will be handled by the animation engine :slight_smile:

Animation name does not need to be unique. It is only useful for you. System does not care about names

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What a nice framework (and a team) we have here :slight_smile:

Thanks. Going back to creating animations.

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