Simulate VR mode and teleportation in regular view

Hello Everyone,

I often want to test VR functionality on Babylon.js projects without using an actual VR headset. (I may be in locations where there is no headset)

What is the best way to test if I do not have a headset? I find Windows Mixed Reality Simulator is awkward and often doesn’t work well. Arrow keys and the mouse seem tempermental and often don’t work.

The Chrome WebXR API emulator works better, however there is are only two buttons: the trigger and select. There is no thumbstick (for teleportation) so there’s no way to move around in my Babylon projects. Is there any way to remap the thumbstick teleportation button to the select button so that becomes the teleport button?

Even with the Chrome WebXR API emulator it is still tedious to aim and select things. Regarding moving around with the teleportation donut, it would be great if there was a way to make the mouse pointer behave like a vr controller while in the regular view (not VR view). For example: make right-click (or even a keypress) activate the teleportation donut. Is it possible to do that?

Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks!

cc @RaananW

But I feel you on that, I was trying to use the API emulator the other day and it’s pretty inconvenient :sweat_smile:

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You have mentioned the only two ways I use to test XR without a headset :slight_smile:

I personally find the mixed reality experience a lot better than the emulator, especially because of what you described - first, it is relatively hard to control. and second, it is missing buttons! like everything apart from the main trigger…

not quite! But you can set the main component to be the trigger for the teleportation doughnut. It is described here - WebXR Selected Features | Babylon.js Documentation if it helps.