Since when has the default physics engine been Oimo?


Just a quick question but I remember a while back the default engine was cannon and now it’s Oimo. When did that change happen?

Long time ago (for 3.3)

I believe since version 1.13.0 was the arrival of Oimo and I believe that for the version 2.0 it became it the plugin by default if my memory is good.

Are you sure DK: 3.3? I would have said 2.0 or 2.1. It was not long after Oimo arrived and it was 1.13

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Oh. For a while I thought default was Cannon. Was just wondering

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I think Cannon is default, at least in the playground.

G… what makes you think it is Oimo?

The words “since when” might have confused some readers. Those words MAY have been interpreted as a question about WHEN was Oimo… the default PE. Oimo used to be default… for a long time.

I believe Cannon became default… about 2 years ago. I could have time-warp disease, though. :slight_smile:

Possibly there’s a fall-back to Oimo… when Cannon fails to load. Not sure.

I thought I saw it in the docs. It says it in the Playground.

Also, on another note, this features page needs an update.

Yeah, that ‘defaults to OimoJS’ is old/stale. Sorry about that.

So, when are you going to learn how to modify docs files, Givo? Pretty soon, huh? :slight_smile:

I’d love to help contribute to the docs, but I have to deal with this:

Awaiting access approval. :slight_smile: Perhaps you should describe it.

One sec I forgot to turn on anyone can view. Just updated it, guess I can’t have anyone with the link.

I just saw a little movie… looks like you might be blocked-out of something yourself, eh?

Securly is the little extension installed on chrome by my school. It Blocks github because kids were iframing the game I use gitlab because it’s not blocked, and the Web IDE is nice.

Ohhh… I understand now. THAT… is why you can’t modify docs pages. Ok, I gotcha. I was lost for a moment, there.

I’m going to ping-up docs-master @JohnK to have a look. He might want to remove that page completely, as opposed to modifying it. Let’s give him first opinion… see what he wants (me) to do with that page. Thx for reporting it, G… yep… it’s a little old.

Sure, no problem. While were talking about physics, I have another post: Physics not working in pg

MackeyK24 has been helpful but I’m just trying to have collision between a mesh / mesh impostor and a sphere / sphere impostor

That page definitely needs updating (probably true of other feature pages as well - I will have to give them another read through) Currently am adding pages about the upcoming Points Cloud Particle System and these are uncompleted so wont be updating the docs until these are completed.

As the features section should give a summary of all BJS features it should be updated rather than deleted. Happy for you to do it @Wingnut as it will be a few days before I can get round to it. Thanks.

Ah. ok. I noticed that the page doesn’t talk about ammo or energy.