Site for pbrcustommaterial missed

I remember there was a site for pbrcustommaterial before, but I failed to search it in the document just now.

A site? do you mean a tab in the doc? or a link to a site? or a link to a github page?

Sorry for the incorrect description, I’m not really sure what it should call. This for the pbrmaterial but none for pbrcustommaterial, I remember there should have one before.

Thanks for clarifying. Incidentally, couldn’t find it either. Links are broken when trying to access from the shaderMaterial of the doc .
No results also when searching for ‘PBRCustomMaterial’. No idea what this is. Let me just cc @RaananW

oh, i’ll have to check that. seems like the materials library went out of the documentation update for some reason. i’ll update here!!


No worries. That can happen :smiley:

it’s back!

PBRCustomMaterial | Babylon.js Documentation (


sorry 'bout that