Skeletal animation potential regression due to yesterday's Nightly

Please refer to the video below. In this video, we first show that animations are working great with last Friday’s Nightly. Then, we switch to yesterday’s Nightly, and there are two issues:

  • Animations no longer play correctly
  • Player’s upper body no longer responsively follows its lower body, which was implemented by running every physics time step:
        ybotBottom.meshes[0]).subtract(new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 1.1, 0)

For your reference, here is the Playground ( that shows the skeletal animation glitch, but was working fine with Friday’s Nightly.

You can also see this in the older Question post Multiple questions about animation - #4 by gbz in Playground

This is maybe related to some changes done by @Evgeni_Popov for the rest position

Could you provide a PG that now fails and was ok before?

That way I can test my changes and see which one broke it.


Ah I can see you already provided it! Going to check.

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Thank you so much for looking into this, @Evgeni_Popov :smiley:

Please find the link to a Playground here with only animations and no physics:

For your reference, the Playground ( is the same one used in the linked Youtube video, though includes extra physics code.

Fixed by:

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Whoa, thank you so much, @Evgeni_Popov!