Skybox With PNG Problems

Hey guys i have not created a skybox in code in a couple years now. I always used the Babylon Toolkit. But i recently tried to create a skybox with code using .png files. But all i get is a GREY sky.

What could i possibly be missing???

We do support png skybox textures???

Here is a playground that show my skybox test. They images seem to load in the browser and show in the inspector as cube map faces. But the the sky is just a grey color

Yo @Deltakosh or @sebavan or anybody … Can you help me out here :slight_smile:

Found the issue… If i have FOG setting from Unity Enabled… and the Mesh Created using CreateBox has applyFog = true… The whole sky is grey… dont see skybox textures… If i set the skybox mesh.applyFog = false… Show skybox perfect…

My question then is… Would there ever be a time where you would want to apply fog to the actual skybox mesh… Or should i always DISBALE the actual skyboxmesh.appyFog = false;

Well that is a good question. I could imagine a game like WoW which uses skyboxes and they are fade into the distant fog but this is the only one that pops in my mind so far