Slaytanic Head Pinch Game and Tutorial

Hey guys,

I was playing with gesture input recently and decided to try adding an easter-egg to a demo I was creating. The game itself is quite simple (pinch people’s faces and watch their heads explode) and based off a comedy sketch from a long time ago, but you can unlock a bonus round by showing the Slayer/Horns gesture to the camera. You can also switch between forward and backward cameras, to gently irritate your neighbors or listen over and over to a really great guitar loop.

Head Pinch Multi Shooter

Let me know what you think. There is a blog post connected to the demo which explains how you can build a similar game using pinch input.



Rock on!

This is such an interesting idea for game input! :open_mouth:

Hey Carol, and thanks. I was thinking along similar lines when I made the laser eyes demo; using the screen as a 2d plane and the gaze as a cursor to create input. It would be a good use case for someone with mobility issues and the gestures could easily be purposed to drive robotics (like a wheel chair or sketch pad).

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