Slice sphere from top and bottom

Hi. need to slice sphere from top and bottom, default it slice from bottom need added top as well.

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Can’t you simply apply a negative Y scaling?

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Y scaling is not what I need, shape need to be sliced from top and bottom.

You can use a lathe


Thanks, nice suggestion, but I want get this shape from sphere

The PG from @JohnK is from a sphere, only not the Babylon CreateSphere method but generated programmatically. It shouldn’t matter if the end result is the one you want?

Another solution if you really want to use the CreateSphere method is to apply some CSG afterward to remove the top, but it’s a bit overkill.


In which case then I think all you are left with is CSG GitHub - CraigFeldspar/BabylonCSG: Constructive Solid Geometry in BABYLON.js


Thank you bro, you are creating nice examples :slight_smile: but I have almost ready what I want to create just need cut the top and bottom.

As I said other than using a lathe or CSG I know of no other method that can achieve what I think you are attempting.