Exporting a 3d scene from 3dsmax and embedding it in simple html page

Hello, I’m completely new to Babylon.
I’ve read a lot of articles on how to setup a simple scene with a simple cube or light but what I’m asking here is if it’s possible to embed a model exported from 3dsmax (with materials and lights) directly on a html page so I can upload it later on a website and showcase it.

Actually, I can run the exporter from 3dsMax and have it working perfectly on my local browser.
What I would like to do is embed this scene as it is on a simple html page, so that I can view my model from anywhere, or send it to some clients, without having to rewrite manually all the materials/lighting/cameras…etc.


Hi @Cipputi and welcome to the community. This may help

Along with

Hey there @Cipputi just checking in, was your question answered? :slight_smile:

Thanks but not really, I went through three js and reconstructed step by step the 3d scene via html and js.

There is a viewer 3d too, you have only to add the link to your model to it :roll_eyes:

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Yeah that would have been way easier than reconstructing the scene!

Please don’t :smile: Come back here and apply the method from @MarianG and it will work like a charm :mage: :grinning: And if it’s not the case, we shall help with it, I promess :pleading_face: