Snaptrude: Collaborative 3D Building Design (Figma for Architects)

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share Snaptrude with the community; we are a collaborative 3D building design tool. Snaptrude helps Architects design more efficient & sustainable buildings using real-world data (budget, compliance, climate, etc.) in 1/10th of the time through our automated 3D modeling. All this while collaborating with the internal team & external stakeholders in real-time. We have over 5K users that have modeled over 20 million sq. ft. of projects on Snaptrude.

Since the early days, we have been using babylonjs and thank this fantastic community for such an amazing project.


Thanks for sharing, this is awesome

adding @PirateJC

@Altaf_Ganihar !!!

This is AWESOME! Thanks for jumping in to show it off!

We’d love to help promote it. Do I have your permission to add this to our community web page and also tweet about it?

What’s your twitter username?

Yes absolutely, we would love to be a part of the community web page. The username of Snaptrude is @snaptrude & my Twitter username is @altafganihar. Thanks.

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