Soft Body Physics for AmmoJSPlugin


Beginnings of soft body physics available (Ammo plugin only) Create Soft Bodies - Babylon.js Documentation




Anchoring a cloth to a rigid body is now available Create Soft Bodies - Babylon.js Documentation


Ropes now available Create Soft Bodies - Babylon.js Documentation


really impressive !
The possibility to use an extruded shape is amazing. Maybe could this also work with a tube ?


@jerome I could have have used a tube (if I had remembered about it) and then just passed the path parameter. The we could not have had fun shapes like this Babylon.js Playground

It would work with any shape that is built from a path, even extrudecustomshape, since the basics are
take path points and pass to Ammo as node points. Ammo updates node points, read node points from Ammo into path, update shape using path points plus parameters used to build shape. This does mean that for every execute step there is a call to the shape builder, which means the particular shape builder used has to be written into the Ammo plugin. Tube and ExtrudeCustomShape could be built in as long as the plugin had a method of distinguishing which to use. My thoughts are that ExtrudeShape is probably sufficient, however adding the rotation and scaling parameters might be fun.


This is really amazing. This looks so promising !

I like the dynamic deformations that still occur a while after the shape has landed on the box