Can Babylon soften the complex import grid?

At present, I want to make the 3D clothes model of the characters float to follow the movements of the characters, and try the software, but I find that the software cannot make the clothes model soften. I don’t know whether it is my reason or not, I am a small rookie. Looking for advice. thank you, everyone!

Hi @yunianhzuang, welcome to the forum.

Here’s a blog post detailing how to make a simple cloth physics scene in Babylon. I’d assume you’d need to modify this scene to create a particle model of your garment rather than a square cloth.

Unfortunately I have never tried this personally, but Babylon supports Canon and Ammo.js which both support soft body physics.

More on softbody physics


Thank you very much for your answer!

But there are some questions I’d like to discuss with you.First of all, there is software in ammo.js, but it has some limitations. As the official website says, it cannot be a parent or a child. In the physics engine, there is no object for complex model.My ultimate goal is to achieve flinging or real effects on the character’s clothes. Is there any other solution to that in BABYLON?

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