Soft body physics and pressure waves


If ammojs supports soft bodies and pressure does that mean I could create and possible monitor pressure wave propagation by moving a soft body surface with a sinusoinal wave?

addAeroForceTo… looks interesting!

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That’s something you can test!
Here is the code that retrieve the vertices computed by the softbody solver:

Please note that ammojs is a game physics engine. Accuracy is traded against performance and memory consumption.


Thanks @Cedric Wind/Pressure/Impulse. Still reviewing the options!

Is there a funtion avilable in babylon.js to create a volume tetrahedral mesh?

Not that I’m aware of. Do you have a description/paper of what you need?

sps.digest - may do what I want or maybe not. Here’s what I hope to achieve.

I can then propagate a wave through the mesh nodes with ammojs physics = simple finite element analysis. Hopefully!

Hextreme looks promising (GNU General Public License v3.0). I’d be open to donating funds for one of their solutions (HXTSPR) to be ported as an extension.


Not entirely sure if this is what you need but will create a tetrahedron based on a box Babylon.js Playground

You need to add uvs if you want textures.

@JohnK Do you think each of the tetrahedrons be a subMesh of the root each with its own physics soft body imposter? This could get crazy quickly.

@Cedric @JohnK

Result! We have hxt tetrahedralization!

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