SolidParticleSystem memory limit

I’m trying to visualize a bunch of particles. One million :smiley: Ok, the bunch was a joke. :smiley: But the browser breaks “Aw, Snap!” :smiley: at around 400k. Memory usage by chrome is at “only” 2.5 GB at this point. Is there anything I can do with this?

Thank you!

EDIT: Maybe I could create more SPS instances…

Not really, the browser limit per tab is not smthg you can change or influence :frowning:

Do you think it’s an out of memory issue?

yup sounds like it

The latest version of Google Chrome (desktop 64-bit version), ver 80.0, can handle up to 4GB of memory per tab as of April 2020.

So it should go higher. And the 2,5 was per Chrome instance.

check if you have 64 bit installed mine keeps switching between 32 and 64 for reasons… :slight_smile:

Version 95.0.4638.69 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I am going to try out something :vulcan_salute:

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Ok, so this is working, 800.000 particles but in separate systems. This opens up new questions, whether it’s really a memory issue?

    const spsCount = 80
    for (let i = 0; i < spsCount; i++) {
        const sps = new BABYLON.SolidParticleSystem("sp" + i, scene)
        sps.addShape(box, 10000)

might be a over the limit for one of the arrays or buffers only then :slight_smile:

NO no no… :smiley: I have a lot of code already written around SPS… and it seems I need to switch back to my beloved thin instances :smiley:

EDIT: or lower my expectations :smiley:

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It seems you are right! :muscle:
window.performance.memory.jsHeapSizeLimit give me only 2 Gigs

I’ve already checked the PointCloudSystem limit and it breaks around 3,4 mil of points but the absolute FPS is still at incredible:



Yesterday i stumbled across this sky with countless stars. blazingly fast setup. i haven’t checked it yet, but would it make sense to calculate all the objects you want to have in a scene beforehand and provide them as 3d files?


This is looking cool!