[SOLVED] Is the Desktop Editor portable?

Hello Babylon enthusiasts,
I’m somewhat new to Bablyon.js, and I was wondering is Babylon.js’s Desktop client “truly” portable.
And by portable, I mean:

  • Does it create any AppData files [Can it be redirected if so]
  • Does it create any registry keys
  • Does it require any network access whatsoever. Most of my online research says no, but I just want to double-check to be sure

If you haven’t already guessed, I’m on Windows 10.

Pinging @julien-moreau

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Hi @RandomPanda !
I’m back from holidays :slight_smile:

If have to check but on Windows, when using the installer, I think the editor is located in the AppData
Files of type “.editorworkspace” are associated to the Babylon.JS Editor once installed using the installer. If it’s not registered in the registry, I have to check where the link is done
The only network accesses are:

Anyway, there is a standalone version of the editor available when I build the editor (no installer, etc.). I just don’t deliver it on the website. You can have this version by building the editor yourself using this repo (GitHub - BabylonJS/Editor: Community managed visual editor for Babylon.js) and following the installing/building sections of the README

Just for my information, why are you checking these informations? Thanks :slight_smile:


Sometimes while traveling I am without network access, which leads to me preferring offline content if possible.

Since creating this thread I had went ahead and downloaded the installer and tested the application, it is instead portable except for those requirements that you mentioned.

I am still required to download build tools vie NPM for the running of the project, so I suppose it is not truly portable out of the box, but it can be if so desired.

Thank you for your time.

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