Some tips to return programming games?

Hi Hi puffy ami yumi show! (some different introdution)

So, I’m go to return programming with Babylonjs. Since 2021 that I am not programming in typscript or javascript with this engine.
And, I have some little question:
1-what language must I use with babylon? TS or JS or C++ (native)?
2-give me some tips to make a voxel based game. Is there any lib ready for us? Link?
3-I’m solodev, make games is too slow, so, how can I work alone and finish my game in a month? Do you use some tips on that, which?
4-how can I go to heaven being a bad guy? (sorry, this question was to chat with mom).

Release your alter ego, gpusam


I vote for TypeScript

Searching the forum will be a good starting point.

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Thanks, man! I will search.

Oh, I found the Divine Engine topic, so I will make some tests with that voxel engine.
Here for someone interesting:

You may also look at this voxel engine - GitHub - fenomas/noa: Experimental voxel game engine.


Cool code! I will study it. Thank you!

Man, this code is really easy to understand and lightweight to run!
Thank you again, now I found what to do until morning hehehe