- An interactive 360° storybook for kids - prototype release

Hey everyone :wave:

some time ago we, a couple of students of Filmuniversity Babelsberg, started this project without any knowledge of babylon.js and very humble interactive project experience. I think it was 2019.

It was a wild ride 'til today and I’m very proud to let you know that we are currently releasing the prototype of our 18 minute storybook. Chapter by chapter until christmas :christmas_tree:

:sparkles: :open_book:



Hope you like it a little!

We had to focus on a german language version first, but in case you want to read a bit more about the project, find a translated landingpage here: :us: (:point_left: translation for landingpage only, sorry!)

Thanks to anyone involved and especially the nice and welcoming babylon community! A lot of our noob questions where answered in the past two years. Thanks a million :sparkling_heart:

I wish you a peaceful Christmas time



In love with your storybook - actually, the design 'cause I don’t well remember my lessons of German :sweat_smile:. Graphic design, animation, UI/UX are greatly performed :+1:t3:

In the english translation, we get an error when clicking on let’s go button

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Thanks! @Vinc3r
You’re right. The google translator unfortunately only works with the landingpage. Im afraid the story can currently only be experienced in german - soorry :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I did not understood the story but the experience and design are really nice !!!

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I do not speak german which explains my story understanding troubles by the way

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Shame Raanan is out or we would make him read and translate to us! :rofl:

But really, even through I don’t understand a lick of what is written there, it’s INCREDIBLE! As @Vinc3r said, the UI/UX are great, the entire visual design is suuuuper nice and coherent, and the drawings are so adorable! A proof that great visual experiences can transcend language barriers.

My lil brain took a while to figure out you could move the phone to see the world in 3D, but when I moved it… that make me open the biggest smile! The lil protagonist is SO CHARMING, I want a plushie of it! :rofl:

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