Space in Animation Groups Animation Name


Is there a way we can use a space in the Animation Name within the Animation Groups window? I get a message saying it’s not allowed as it’s an Invalid Character?

I ask because the system we’re building reads the animation name and it’s displayed on the UI, so using underscores isn’t ideal.


You could set up a function to create and return a display string by using regular expression to replace an underscore with a space.

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I’ve forwarded your comment to the devs, and they say they can do that, but ideally would like it to be done from my side (the 3D side) if possible.

Is there a reason why spaces aren’t allowed in the name field?

You will need to wait for one of the BJS dev team to answer that. Pinging @sebavan, @RaananW

we don’t limit the characters used in the name… Not that I am aware of anyhow.

Here is an example of animations and animation group with spaces in their names:

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I get this error ^^

“Spaces, equal signs and the separator are not allowed”

If I click Continue, it doesn’t save the name.

Ohhhh you mean in the exporter !!! Sorry for the confusion, let a ad @Guillaume_Pelletier tp the thread

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as the message suggest, you have the name “05 ggg” contains a space char, which is not allowed. Change the name to something like “05_ggg”

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@notamondayfan already understands what is happening and why it is happening and if you go back to his first post you will see why he wants a way around this and for spaces to be allowed.

hahaha, my mistake, i did not move up to the first post… Let me have a look on the code and see if i can find usefull info this time.

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the reason is ’ ’ and ‘=’ are not allowed by max into properties. We may introduce a process of encoding to allow these char. I have to figure the work load to do so.


Just updated the code to allow white space, using encoding/decoding scheme… i have to conduct a >>bit more test before doing a PR but so far it’s working.
PR done. You May test.