Why is this character mesh messed up after export?

Hi all,

I bought a character from the unity store and am trying to figure out how to add animations to use in babylon.

Everything looks fine in unity. I am able to add textures and can also assign animations to the model, but instead, I export the model using the unity gbx exporter:

Uploading to mixamo works fine as well, the autorigger does the job and i can see my model in multiple animations:

Once I download the resulting gbx file, I see that my mesh is all tangled up. Whether it is blender or any gbx viewer I see the following:

What does it mean when I see this?
At this point, I’ve honed down the problem to possibly the gbx unity exporter. It seems like mixamo isn’t the problem as the gbx export from unity without animation has this problem. If I try to add the animation in unity everything looks fine when i press play, but once i export out and view it looks messed up

I’ve attached the exported fbx character model in case anyone wants to look at it. Would appreciate any comments or suggestions!

Character_Daughter_01.fbx.zip (124.5 KB)


Drag your model there. What is the result?

I’ve tried it and yes it’s a mess :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe an issue with Mixamo?

Tried another model with Mixamo. I couldn’t even import it into Blender… There is definitelly something going on with Mixamo.

Aaand EDIT3:
I’ve exported from Mixamo to Unity FBX, imported into Blender, exported to GLB and it works. So try to change the export format in Mixamo for your character. Maybe it will help.

@roland do you mind sharing in detail how you made it work? i tried exporting with all the different combination of settings and still no luck :disappointed:

Finally figured out a solution.

I ended up using GitHub - atteneder/glTFast: Efficient glTF 3D import / export library for Unity to export my character and texture as .gltf file and then imported it into blender and exported back out as .fbx with the texture embedded. I then imported into mixamo to export as separate animations files.

I also combined all the animations with the character animation combiner, but that’s a separate story.

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Hi @echan00!

I am happy to hear that! :slight_smile: