Sphere Depth in Post Process

I created a sphere in the scene (left) and created a sphere in a postprocess (right). I then got the depth of both of them yet they don’t look the same, they are slightly off, why?


How do I make them similar?
I’m doing something wrong but I don’t know what

I saw this recently but haven’t used much code from it yet. I’m going to try using getRayFromScreenSpace

using getRayFromScreenSpace produced the same results, but when I increased the radius to 600 the post process sphere started jittering.


The intersect.x value is not a z, it is a parameter that will let you compute the 3D coordinates of the intersecting point with the ray origin + ray direction.

When you have the intersection point, it is in world space so you need to convert it to view space to get the z value you are after:


The right 1/2 sphere starts jittering because you set a too low value for minZ. Just try 0.1 as in the PG above.


Oh, thanks a ton, I really appreciate it. You just made my day :smile:

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Wait then how would I convert it back to world space from view space do I just multiply by inverse of view matrix?

Yes, just use the inverse view matrix.

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