Spinning top with physics

I made a fun spinning top to help promote my design studio. (A top is our logo). Check it out here ----> tiptopstudio.io

Some of the challenges I had to overcome:

  • Getting a 2d canvas to talk to Babylon
  • How to detect collisions on a cone. (I used a compound collider consisting of sphere for the tip, and a cylinder for the edge.)
  • Getting the top to slow down faster than it wanted to (using the setDamping method in Ammo)
  • Using physics imposters with an imported mesh.
  • Getting the center of mass exactly right (even making it slightly off-center to make for some random tipsyness
  • Applying different materials to different parts of an imported mesh. Including a specular map.

It all took awhile. Thank you to all who posted to these forums and who replied to my questions.


Well polished!
I suppose it is possible to create standalone widget based on this solution :slight_smile:

Agreed. Cool project. Does it prove that physics-engine-based gyroscopes work in (world) space? :wink: hmm.

If so, centrifugal CVT’s should work with physicsEngines, too. What’s a CVT? Let’s go look.

Thx for the sharing and the “tips”, top! You are an early pioneer in physics engine centrifugeeees. A centri-fugitive. :slight_smile:

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Cool. Would you mind sharing the source?