(vr) physics: make meshes continue to spin *within* the vortex

hi there,

doing some experimentation in this playground: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#B922X8#165

I’m trying to spin those cubes within the torus and: keep them spinning, like bouncing around the walls and continue going

this would be really easy if you can set a physics imposter on the boundaries, rather than the whole mass of an object; is that something you can do? it becomes a container then?

if not, you can see what I did here, I added a cube to every side to box the boxes in, but they get stuck

does anyone have any suggestions to keep them spinning? tried turning the friction off, bounciness up, and am messing with the centripetal force, but wonder if I’m missing something obvious

very new to physics



well, I’ve got them kind of dancing up and down by applying ‘pulses’ of the vortex force to them, if I can figure out how to apply the turn force more in pulses, I might be able to get them spinning, see here: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#B922X8#176

another go at it also with some different materials: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#B922X8#181

Adding @Cedric, our master of physics.

I’m not sure to understand. You want to cube to move around the camera like it’s inside a tornado?

Exactly so.

The vortex throws cubes out of the vortex. I can’t get them to spin around without flying outside of the vortex.

I achieved an effect almost like that, but not quite if you check those playgrounds.

Tried manipulating lots of different kinds of variables.

Curious about your thoughts.