Sprite disappeared after I set renderingGroupId to spriteManagager

Hey guys, I just met with a weird problem.
I created a sprite in my scene with some 3D meshes, then I noticed that my sprite was blocked by mesh sometimes when I change my camera.
So I just found the spriteManager that created this sprite and set the property “renderingGroupId” to 1, hoping that my sprite would be on top at anytime.
Yet it just disappeared, unless I set renderingGroupId to 0, I could never found my sprite in the scene(I tried 0,1,2,3, only 0 showed my sprite, but the block issue still existed). Also I checked visible property = true.

It does work here:

So I think we will need a repro in the Playground to see what’s going on.

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Hi Ev, thanks for reply! Since my project is rather big(like 50000 lines), so I can’t make a repo that quick, I need to narrow the problem zone of my code to see where it goes wrong. Is there any quick thoughts about the potential cause of my problem? I’ve checked the sprite and spriteManager and they seems to be fine and they works in other scene I constructed. I doubt that there is some problem with my scene.

Hi guys, I’ve created two different scene and noticed that
scene.useRightHandSystem property has a great influence on my sprites.
The phenomena is when I set this property to true, my sprite disappeared.
When I set this property to false, my sprite shows up.

Oh nice findings, can you create a small playground with sprites and useRightHandSystem so that everyone can have a look in easily ?

Sorry guys I’ve checked my version of Babylonjs and this version is where my problem stands.
I’m now sure this is a babylonjs bug in version 4.1-alpha19, since the same code run without any problem in version 4.2.
This problem appears in version 4.1-alpha19, when you try to set righthandsystem and spritemanager.renderingGroupId != 0 at the same time, sprites would disappear.

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