SpriteMap performance issue

This makes time update every frame. Changing this to run at 30 fps reduced GPU load from 47% to 20%. This is a huge huge bug.

That is not a bug, you are updating it less. Hence it would not cost as much GPU!

You could add an update rate to the class or change the way it binds its update to be at a fixed rate like you have mentioned though. Would be a good addition.

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No this is 100% a bug as you hide it from users.

What about it that its doing, which it should not? Its rendering each frame as the code denotes, if you would like a different update rate than feel free to create a PR, its not a bug.

No one is animating every tile of a SpriteMap at 144hz

It is a lie to the public then.

Maybe you should go use something made for 2d rendering then? Phaser is pretty cool, or make a PR to create a way to control the update frequency.

This is a bug.

I will be opening a pr to remove your code.

You mean enhance. You would have to delete the entire spriteMap class to “remove my code”.

And like I said feel free to do a PR, it is open source.

Also again its not a bug… :face_with_monocle::grin::laughing:

Have fun. Not sure if that will get a accepted though. You should also probably not talk to people on the forums this way, it’s not going to work out in your benefit.

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Thanks but I’m already set up.

I am going to REMOVE some comments made here that are entirely inappropriate.

If you think something is wrong, be respectful, explain what you think is wrong, and you will get an answer. Either from the team or the person who actually worked on that.

We are all people here. If you think someone made a mistake you can calmly say that. this person doesn’t have to agree with you. @Pryme8 was as kind as he could throughout this conversation, explaining what is going on, and explaining how it could be improved. You decided to attack him, @Pixelodo.

So, for context - some messages in this thread has been removed, as they are not contributing ANYTHING to the conversation and are just meant as an insult. If you want to continue this conversation, don’t call people names and don’t insult their code.