SpritePackedManager not available in my codebase

Attempting to use SpritePackedManager in my project, however it is the first example I’ve come across from Babylon 101 where VSCode reports that it’s unable to find the required import.

You can see my error & the versions of TypeScript & BabylonJS I’m using:

I’m also unable to find any trace of SpritePackedManager in babylon.module.d.ts. Is there something I’m failing to understand about this particular import?

Edit: SpriteMap is also not found when I try to import in TypeScript. I suspect the types are out of date?

Hi @kerihobo and welcome to the forum. From the image I notice you are using Babylon.js version 4.0.3, SpritePackedManager was added in 4.1.

You may also be interested in SpriteMap

If you have not yet read about es6 support you may be interested in ES6 - Babylon.js Documentation


Thank you very much! I’ve updated and it’s there & working fine :slight_smile:

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