SPS / NodeMaterial Disappearing on Cam Movement

Hi there,

why is it sometimes, that SPS or Meshes with NodeMaterials are disappearing on certain cam positions?
Here’s an example where I just have a smaller radius on the ArcRotateCamera

2021-01-21 14.29.07

The NodeMaterial has nothing special - just fading colors. The SPS is a normal one, there is nothing else in this scene (ignore the pulsating meshes :smiley: )

Maybe the solution is here Troubleshooting Solid Particle System Visibility Issues | Babylon.js Documentation

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Will have a look, thanks a lot @jerome <3

sps.isAlwaysVisible = true

This is the solution. Thank you @jerome

For future searches - the reason is because the bounding box of my sps is at 0,0,0 and after the camera moves away, the bbox is not visible anymore - so the sps particles disappear.

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