SPS not rendering when center is offscreen but the rest of effect should be onscreen

https://playground.babylonjs.com/#GLZ1PX#1252 (look to the left or right with camera)
I thought the SPS is always sent to be rendered so maybe it’s the GPU making this decision? But in any case, for me when the center of the SPS (its meshes position) is off screen the whole SPS no longer renders. This creates a jarring effect since particles that were on screen immediately disappear and when the SPS center comes back on screen the empty screen immediately becomes full of particles.

In the Playground I took the fountain example and added a free camera, when looking around with the mouse you can see the strange effect. It’s also really bad if you “walk through” the SPS and it’s center becomes “behind” the camera.

I expected the SPS to render the same as the sprite Particle System. Is there an option I’m missing? is SPS not suitable for this? Is it just my machine? I’m on chrome Version 121.0.6167.139 (Official Build) (arm64) on a Apple M1 Max

Feeling sheepish, I found the isAlwaysVisible property

If you don’t want to use isAlwaysVisible = true, you can also set a bounding box to the SPS mesh big enough so that it encloses all the particles:

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