SSAO2 problems in Chrome on MacOS

I’ve been noticing a problem with SSAO2 rendering only when using Chrome for MacOS.
I’ve attached the default playground scene with SSAO2 attached:

And this is the same scene with the SSAO2 strength down to 0:

On all other browsers and Chrome for PC the background stays the same color, but on Chrome for Mac the background is being impacted by the SSAO and getting darker.
I’m using the most up to date Chrome browser and have seen this error going back many months. I’m on MacOS Catalina version 10.5.7 for this images, and see the same errors on Big Sur on my other laptop and on every Mac my colleagues have tried.
If there is any fix or workaround for this I would be most appreciative. This application is such that pre-rendering AO maps isn’t practical and the original SSAO wasn’t of sufficient quality. The SSAO2 looks great everywhere else, so am really hoping to fix this. Thanks!

Could you create a bug report on the chromium bug tracker ? as it fortunately seems to be related to their macOS support ?