StackPanel does not work in VR with Pointer events

Hi all,

I have worked on a simple chat interface using a StackPanel. I’m using pointer events in order to enable scrolling inside the panel. From what I read in the WebXR documentation, it says the following:

The most important feature that was added is the full pointer events support for the controllers. The controllers support all pointer events, so you can use Pointer interactions just like you use to controller mouse interactions in your scene.

However, when I’m using my Oculus Quest 2 in immersive mode using my example in the playground (, I can’t move the chat and the camera keeps moving instead.

Am I using the wrong events or is this an issue?

I’ll have to check that! thanks for reporting.

Here, this will work :slight_smile:

Simple Chat Interface | Babylon.js Playground (

You are using movementY of the native event, which is not supported in the way we are emulating the WebXR events. But everything can be solved directly with observables, no need to use the native event at all.

Works great and makes a lot of sense! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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