Near Menu dragging does not work in Oculus Quest 2

I’m spending some time with the new Near Menu today. In non-immersive mode on desktop, I can use the mouse to click the back plate and grab the menu to position it around the scene.

This doesn’t work in WebXR when testing with an Oculus Ques 2. All other pointer events seem to be working, but if I point at the back plate and click (trigger) and drag with the controller, nothing happens. The buttons in the near menu work, and the pin/unpin button works, so I’m guessing something is off with the back plate object.

In this playground you can drag the menu around the scene on desktop, but not from a Quest.

Side Note: Interestingly, even when not in immersive mode on Quest, this still doesn’t work. Using the laser control on a 2D browser window with the playground has the same issue asimmersive mode. I wonder if this has to do with the way that Quest or Android works with pointer/touch events.

cc @RaananW

Interesting. It seems like the oculus browser doesn’t react to any pointer events when not in immersive session, and ignores the pointer move events when in session.
When testing in a different XR device (a WMR device) I had the same result - clicking works, but dragging doesn’t.

This could be related to the utility layer but I am not 100% sure. will have to debug this. Thanks a lot for letting us know! I’ll create a github issue for that.