WebXR Default Experience Helper Teleport issues

Hi All. I’m using my Quest to test out some of the webXR demos and am working on a scene of my own. I’m starting off using the default experience helper’s teleport functionality and noticing it has issues teleporting. It’s inconsistent, but when I start a teleport action on the quest by holding down the thumbstick I get the pointer to move. When I let go, it doesn’t always teleport and I have to wiggle it and hope it ends teleporting and stops at the place I want. Any thoughts? Thx.

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Adding our VR Master @RaananW :slight_smile:


Yes, sadly a known issue. The problem is that in some cases, the “touched” flag stays on, even thou you are not touching the controller. I have experienced it from time to time with my quest. I will try finding a workaround, I always thought it was a problem with my controllers (as it doesn’t happen when I use my mixed reality controllers).

Might be a driver issue, or, as always, might be a mistake made during development :slight_smile:. It is just very hard to reproduce.

The solution for this is to touch and release. This should solve it, but as you say - you might not end up at the place you wanted.

Will keep you updated here.

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Just wanted to update - I did some investigating and here are my conclusions - [Investigation] WebXR teleportation on the oculus quest has unexpected results · Issue #7837 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

I have a video showing the issue, which is rather annoying, to be honest. the touched sensor is on the top of the thumbstick, so if you push the thumbstick from the side, it is not marked as touched. and then teleportation doesn’t end. You can see my workaround in the github issue, PLEASE comment if you have something to add.