Add Depth Map support for Dome

I am trying to add a depth map to a Panoramic 360 view (PG #WP9WDU)

I see in ThreeJS achieving this effect using 2 images, similar to the code of BabylonJS - Height Map.
TOUR: three.js examples

Can we achieve this effect in Dome? How? if not, can we add this feature?

Adding our dome owner @RaananW

sure, I dont see why not. It is eventually only a texture on a sphere. Want to create a github issue for that so we could track it?

Done, Thank you!. Add Grayscale Depth Map support for Dome · Issue #10129 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

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There is other way to achieve depth, using 3d objects mapping (like using .STL file), is that also possible with babylonJS?, maybe this is discussion for another thread.

You can provide your own mesh or manipulate the mesh on which the texture is projected. Would that work in this case?

You can achieve this without waiting for any changes on our side as well:

Babylon.js Playground

This is using the examples from 3’s website, showing how you can use a displacement map on the dome’s mesh.

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