Stop movement after physics collide with other

Hello there, i’m pretty new with babylonjs . Currently i have a problem about physics colliding, i’ve already search the solution and didn’t found the solution yet;

  • i have 2 players with physics impostor , all of the players is movable and affected by gravity
  • the movement is using moveWithCollisions function
  • when any player collide while moving it must limit the movement and hopefully the effect of “pushing” did not have much impact to other player movement/velocity. But actually the colliding event modified other player movement/veloctiy

i hope you can understand my problems, thanks

Can you reproduce it in a PG?

@morterra sure here is currently my current state to solve this Babylon.js Playground and this PG is based on this the difference is i’m using moveWithCollision and others some workaround line codes.
As you can see in PG the other object keep moving away after collide with player object.