Struggling to efficiently UV map a cuboid in code

I have a solid particle system that is made up of many cuboids, created with CreateBox(), that represent shipping containers.

I have a single texture image for these which includes several different container colours.
I attempted to UV map this in code and have partially succeeded.

My remaining issue is that I want to orient all the individual texture parts horizontally to minimise the size of the texture image. However, if I do this, the top and bottom face textures are oriented the wrong way.

If I remove the “wrap: true” model option passed to CreateBox() different faces are oriented the wrong way.

I can’t figure what I need to change to get these to render correctly.
Should I just use a 3D model and UV map in the 3D software?

An image will explain what I mean more clearly:

You can orientate the top and bottom face textures with the topBaseAt and bottomBaseAt parameters Apply Material to Individual Faces - Babylon.js Documentation

Perfect, thanks. :+1: