Substance painter glTF export to babylon.js sandbox

i’m trying to export SP glTF file (mesh (.glTF+.bin) + textures) in the babylon sandbox (drag and drop), i always have an error message : “/buffers/0/uri: Failed to load ‘C:/Users/Pierre/Desktop/text/MeetMat.bin’: 0”

Could you tell me what is wrong ??
Thank you.

That sounds like an awful conundrum. Paging @whoeverinchargeofthat

Hey @Pierrearchi, simple sanity check first, are you dragging in the gltf + bin file into the sandbox?

I have tried to drag and drop : 1) the folder .glTF+.bin+ .png(textures). 2)glTF+.bin files only
3) glTF file only. Nothing work.!

File format from Substance Painter

Hello Drigax,

Thank you for your help. As a junior developper, i’m a beginner with Babylon JS.

I have attached the file.

Thanks for your reply.

Le dim. 24 nov. 2019 à 07:52, Nicholas Barlow via Babylon.js a écrit :

Hi @Pierrearchi, I can’t seem to see the email attachment, I assume that discourse (the forum backend) is stripping email attachments. Can you zip your model + bin + textures and attach to the forum post? (Or share a link to a google drive/dropbox upload)

hi. sandbox cant find you *.bin file with model data… and you cant drag and drop directly in sandbox after export gltf from painter. easy way for export models - use exporter for 3ds max or blender or maya.

Thank you Kvass for your reply. I’m going to make a jump on Blender … Hope one day it will possible to have a better workflow with Substance Painter.