Suddenly my online scene is empty of meshes

Now my online meshes have stopped loading, empty scene. I had to roll back to Max2Babylon-1.3.14 version. Anything i export with newer versions is not showing online exept in sandbox. Any ideas?

If it works in the Sandbox then it is probably a version issue. Can you make sure to use the latest version of BJS on your website?

Here is my (empty) scene with model exported using newest version:

here is the same scene and model exported with 1.3.14 :

I dont know how to solve this.

  1. You have a console error on both scenes:
    Unable to import meshes from ./test.glb: Error in onSuccess callback. This break the execution of the code inside the onSuccess function.
  2. In your vr.php:
  • light variable is declared twice!
var light = new BABYLON.DirectionalLight("DirectionalLight", new BABYLON.Vector3(0, -1, -0.25), scene);
var light = new BABYLON.HemisphericLight("hemiLight", new BABYLON.Vector3(0.35, 0.75, -0.25), scene);
  • in your importMesh function, you call for defaultPipeline but it doesn’t exists (this is probably the onSuccess issue)

Haven’t take a look on nowy.php but you should first clean your code (in your text editor, search if a beautify function is implemented, it could help a lot) and check all your variables. If you are stuck with errors, put some console.log() in your code to easily see where code stop executing.