Support for XR/VR eye tracking (Pupil Labs)

Would it be possible to add support for eye tracking in XR/VR scenes? I am using a product, Pupil Core, from Pupil Labs (open source) and they offer integration with Unity3D and WorldViz’s Vizard engines. However, I would much rather integrate with Babylon.js.

Pupil Labs provides a network API which may allow some type of usage with babylon.js VR scenes, but integration isn’t straight forward and mandates creating novel code.

Perhaps the babylon.js community could benefit from more widely supported eye tracking?

Relevant Links:
Pupil Labs: Network API | Pupil Labs
VR Plugins (Unity and Vizard): VR/AR | Pupil Labs

Babylon.js does require a browser to actually support all Xr functionality. I am not sure that is even in the WebXR spec.

Also, I assume you are running on magic leap one. You can use bjs in exokit. This is basically a native app which runs javascript. they have their own adds. They are using hand tracking. Don’t know about eye Tracking.

This is not something we will do in the core engine unless webXR adds support for it (not something I’m aware of) but if someone wants to create an extension I will gladly merge it

@JCPalmer Thank you for the information, exokit seems useful.

@Deltakosh Okay, that seems reasonable enough. As a note, and I hope I understand this correctly, it seems like webXR may expose eye tracking at some point in the future.

Section 13.6 - Gaze Tracking: “While the API does not yet expose eye tracking capabilities a lot can be inferred about where the user is looking by tracking the orientation of their head.”

See: WebXR Device API

In any case, my project requires that I deploy eye tracking within a webXR experience. So, I may just create that extension.

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Yes! Can’t wait either!

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Also, there is something called OpenXR where all the extra stuff is already defined. Think WebXR may be getting its future changes from there. A big plus for doing that is a browser no longer has to implement anything anymore. Just use the openXR on each individual platform. Only a moron would turn that down.

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