Switch Material with Fade Effect

How can I change the complete material of a mesh with a new material and have a fade effect?

Similar in this video: YouTube

Except I don’t want to just replace the diffuse texture.

Babylon.js Playground :yum:

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Nice. Thank you.
And how can i change a complete material (PBRMaterial) and not just a diffuse texture? =)

In the example above I’m using a custom material not pbr.
I think for pbr it depends how many properties need to be changed.

If the materials have same textures then for the other properties I think we can do almost same like in the previous example. https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#410HFB#1

If the materials are totally different then I’m not sure that it is so simple.
A solution can be to clone the mesh, hide the clone and aply the second material on it. And apply a fade effect on both meshes, hide the original and show the clone in the same time.
It is not tested, but at this hour I have no ideea.

But let’s wait a little bit, I think that better ideas will come :slight_smile:


I love your shader!! is it possible to apply the same fading result to a Skybox_MODE material with cubemap ?? it would be AMAZING !!

Hello all

Been playing around with how to get this working for some time now - especially in PBR on imported models.

After watching the You Tube playlists on the NME: PBR Nodes in Node Materials Part 1 - YouTube

I got this technique working on a project really wanted to clean this up and release it to anyone else dealing with this issue. Please check out:

The PBR pipes in two textures into the base colour, ORM and normal map and uses a float called Blend Node to blend all the textures propely. It will also support fog if theres fog in the scene. Feel free to reuse, hack and improve the shader.


Hey @Gerard_Baldsing!
Welcome and many thanks for sharing your solution!

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