Taking screenshot in immersive-ar

I want to ask, is there any possible way to create screenshot from Augmented Reality?
I find that it is possible to take screenshot from scene using

BABYLON.Tools.CreateScreenshot(engine, camera, 1024);

But when i open ar session and try to take screenshot, i got only white screen. I assume that this function taking screenshot only from original canvas which in my app is always white and empty.

It is a pretty good question for @RaananW who will be back next week :slight_smile: so bear with us for the delay.

Do you mean take a screenshot along with the image data? That’s not possible, as babylon doesn’t render the camera/image data.

It should work if you use the xr camera, but will only take a screenshot of what babylon renders. My recommendation is to use your AR-device’s screenshot capabilities (i.e. volume-down + power in android, or dedicated screen capturing tools)