Terrain builder

I am looking for tool that can help build terrains and other types of map with paint brush like in UE or other engines. I can create map in blender save like glb and load to my babylon project but it’s not as comfortable as i want. It would be cool to be able to edit the map through the GUI and immediately interact with the meshes through Babylon

What about this demo?
Website/build/Scenes/WorldMonger at master · BabylonJS/Website · GitHub

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I created one a while ago.
I will put it online tomorrow for you.

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@ZGltYQ Here is the zip of a terrain editor. It’s a bit old, I don’t know if it still works.


Preview in image:

Otherwise I have another one here which is up to date in open-source which is linked to my editor Realm-Crafting.


Preview in image:

I would like to point out that for this second terrain editor, it will not work alone, it is linked to Realm Crafting, but this gives an example of how you could create one for yourself.


Thank you very much, appreciate it.