Text Mesh Unity


I have a question about why my Text is not displayed in babylonjs when I export this text for example in front of a wall?

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Are you using the Unity Babylon exporter?

Hello! I also found the same problem where texts (or any UI objects in Canvas) do not appear when exported using Unity Babylon Exporter. I am using Unity Babylon Exporter 5.0.0 A63 (UnityExporter/Babylon Editor Toolkit_5.0.0_A63.unitypackage at master · BabylonJS/UnityExporter · GitHub) and Unity 2020.3.38f1.

But I would like to confirm first, is exporting Unity’s UI Canvas possible with the Unity Babylon Exporter? Because I couldn’t find a resource that explicitly talks about this capability and I am afraid I am actually trying to do the impossible.

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I got it to work like this: I created an image in Photoshop and wrote the text I wanted, then exported it and applied it as material to the mesh(quad mesh)

Hello Leon!

Thank you very much for sharing your method, that is really interesting. So from my understanding, it is impossible to export the text component itself with Babylon Unity Exporter, is it right? Therefore if there are needs such as a dynamic UI (health bar, damage popup, etc), it should be handled with Babylon itself instead of Unity?

I never achieved to export it. And with health bar and so on I have no idea. But if you write the creator of the exporter a message he will respond you very quickly!

Roger that! Thank you very much, Leon! I really appreciate it :smile: