Thanks to the Community

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone that makes this forum and community what it is. I posted a simple question on stack overflow and was reminded quickly how much more helpful and less toxic we all are in comparison.

From the bottom of my heart I appreciate everyone of you.

Sorry for the random post, just figured some people might need to hear that.


Dammit, This should have been tagged as an ANNOUNCEMENT, civilian!!! :grin:


Love you buddy!

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Couldn’t agree more!

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Thank you to all those who also make of this engine, that of tomorrow.


Stay cool, and stay a part of this amazing thing :slight_smile:


When I first was introduced to the concept of “3D on the web”, I researched about how someone can achieve that. And I found several frameworks that can do that (three.js was of course the most suggested one, 3-4 years ago). And after days of reading stuff all around, community of Babylon was so amazing, I could see a lot of activity and lot of passion around. And from that time, to this day I believed in you (and us), and I believe that this is the best engine on the web , and will be really big thing in a few years when web technologies catch up with the ideas we all have.

I got huge help from you guys over these couple of years, and this is one of my top 5 sites, that I click randomly several times a day to check out if there is something interesting/useful. I appreciate everyone here, and I will continue promoting Babylon all over the place (there is like 0 awareness in my country about Babylon).

Best wishes for everyone :slight_smile: .


Seconded ! :grinning:

I have been working on a project now for a number of few weeks full time - hundreds of hours.

Every single time I find a need there is already a solution.

For instance, my scene has over 200 chain linked (parent child) objects (bones), I use small mesh spheres to mark the position of what I call joints, they help for visualisation but also form the core of my bespoke rigging and so much more, I can pick them, manipulate them and inquire of them using the debug code I have developed so an indispensable part of my project but with an overhead when I do not need to see the spheres.

I imagined when the project was complete I would simply have to set them to invisible since they would still be a core part of the functionality of my joints, I would have to suffer the performance and memory overhead.

Then today I see a note about performance leading to TransformNode which can do exactly the same job as my little “joint spheres” but without the overhead, I try a single line change and the whole thing works perfectly but without needing to allocate and maintain meshes. All I need to do now is implement a debug switch and optionally replace my sphere joints with TransformNodes.

This is happening time and time again, just reading around doc I find solutions to needs I have and solutions to needs I had not even thought of, this was all very well architected and thought out, its just the mark of excellent software that you only have to seek and you shall find and usually it will take 3 or 4 lines of new code to implement a new feature or optimisation.