Thanks to the Babylonian node material editor, what can I do with it in 2021 and what I hope it can be more perfect in 2022

The material editor is already a very practical and simple tool. In 2021, it helped me create many effects, such as simulation car, simulation jade, water and other materials.

Thanks again to the Babylonian authorities for creating such a good tool, so that we can achieve the expected results in the web GL project.
However, as the number of projects increases, we need more results. For example, depth testing, mixed mode, and other functions like the multi pass channel function of unity shader. If you already have these functions, please forgive me for not seeing them, so here I just hope you can add these functions or have relevant documents to let us better understand the node material editor.
Finally, I’m sorry that my English is not very good, which will cause some reading problems for you. I hope you can forgive me.


Your renders are very cool! We’ll be always adding new stuff to the NME, and of course we also highly encourage community contributions in form of PRs :slight_smile:

We have documentation on the NME here: The Node Material Editor | Babylon.js Documentation ( with a ton of videos :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help. In the future, if I have conditions, I will make my best contribution to the community in the form of PRS. I hope the Babylon team can become bigger and bigger.


This would be so coool, community features are always my favorites