The 3D model is not displaying on some Android phones

The issue manifests as the model being invisible or severely distorted, and this has been observed on HUAWEI series during testing.

I could not reproduce (Samsung Galaxy and iPhone SE).

Try to see if it’s related to using a PBR material. This PG uses a standard material instead:

I can reproduce this behavior. Will try debugging this later today.

Thanks to @RaananW, we found that 32 bits float textures seem not to be correctly supported on older phones (even though they report they support the feature).

You can disable bone textures to make the PG work:

See line 19.


Could we had a check for the support be rendering or clearing and reading back the value ? instead of trusting the device?

I made a wrong analysis: we don’t use rendering in 32-bit float textures in skeletal animations… We only update a float texture with bone matrix data, and this seems to work on Raanan’s phone (I tested with a 360x1 texture, which is the size of the bone texture used by the PG). So, we have a workaround but no explanation on why it does not work in the first place…

Just in case, here’s the PG I used to test that writing/reading to a 32-bits float texture works: