The directional lights' shadow does not look right

The directional lights’ shadow does not look right

I have never seen any shadow like that in any renderers for any lights. The shadow is a circle??!!

What is the algorithm behind the directional lights’ shadow?

@Evgeni_Popov can help with that, he is the king of the shadows

Huh, Popov taught me how to solve this can check this topic :wink:


musk’s topic goes very well into this, the same frustum problem is happening here:

Move the light a tiny bit up, shadows render as expected:

Alternatively, you can set the light’s frustum manually:

There’s some talk about how the directional light’s position affects the shadows here: Shadows | Babylon.js Documentation (
And here’s a bit more on the calculation of the shadow projection matrix: Tutorial 16 : Shadow mapping (

Does that solve your question, @Newsome ?

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@PirateJC could we add this to the doc I am pretty sure this kind of tips can be a lot of help :slight_smile: