The framePerSecond property of TargetedAnimation and Animation cannot be serialized

I modified the framePerSecond property of the animation, then used the SceneSerializer.Serialize() method to generate a JSON (.babylon) file.When I load the file, I found that the frame rate of the animation hasn’t been modified.

could you reproduce this on the playground? framePerSecond is being serialized and parsed, so it should be working. But if it ddoesn’t, it is a bug we should fix :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, I found the problem lies with me. There’s no issue with individual animations, and I’ve also checked the serialized and parsed files, all fine (the problem should be caused by certain actions within the animation group)


I found the reason for the problem. I prematurely placed the animation into an animation group and then modified the frame rate of that animation in mesh.animations[] . However, the frame rate of the animation in the animation group did not change, but I’m using the animation group to play it.