The Man From Bessemer

Well I started this a while back - before my arm problems - and I have very slowly created a version I can post here.

Rather than a political piece, this is about an old friend. The music is from the gentleman, himself

View on desktop or good laptop as the model has 54 bones - all those damm finger bones. Right now the animation is just basic - I know nothing about guitar chords and it needs better lipsyncing!

The gentleman loves fishing, coding and rock 'n roll music. Helped me on a few occasions, and we share a few songs.

The Man From Bessemer

Ohh, and there is a little bit of history in there. Involves Italy, France, UK, Canada and the USA. Can you find it?

I’ve spent a couple of hours working on this Chrome problem :upside_down_face: So for Chrome people here is a slightly different version with a start button. Works in Chrome and Firefox:

Man from Bessemer 2

I added a replay button too - trying to anticipate more issues.:unamused: The big difference is the scene just rotates one way - does not stop and flip direction. I have still to write that code (I tell you I am not good at coding - all the time :slight_smile: )

And for @JCPalmer When the music stops in the original Firefox only version, the camera gets attached to the canvas so you can view the scene more carefully. The zoom in with the mouse wheel is quite slow, so you can get quite close to the meshes.

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

NB: The guitar model - “Classic Guitar” came from Blendswap and was created by “jeandiz”. It is distributed with a CC-BY-SA license. Only changes made are to the texture size.


You missed uploading some textures. Check console. Also, browsers require a click before outputting sound. Think you show probably have a play button.

@JCPalmer Ty Jeff. Will have to add a play button. But the textures are all in the directory - not sure what is going on there. Textures all show up for me … ?

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:


And I’ve switched the version of BJS back to 3.3 and sound plays now - until I can code a start button

It works on Windows7 with sound and all textures under Firefox, but no sound in Chrome!!

Maybe I will quietly go mad in a corner :upside_down_face:

gryff :slight_smile:

I reloaded on Firefox, and it worked for both textures & sound for now. I assume this is Bessemer, MI.

While it is not perfect, the makehuman addin for Blender 2.80 looks so much more real than the standard materials one. Things are a little shiny & one other problem, but with those .env files & the roughness turned up get great results. Getting any issues out of the exporter 6.1 for MH will definitely happen before I commit it.

Also, could benefit from having the camera closer to subject to get better detail.

hehe. You’re a mad man, G!

Geez, I need to make a better soundtrack… I had to sing SO quiet on that… as to not disturb apartment neighbors. But just the same, I love it. Thx Gryff! You’re just too cool!

I got some music videos in my head… for the rocked-up version… but they need funding and a better band/rendition than what I can provide. I tried to talk DK into getting a Seattle band to do the song and maybe a music video… but he’s not biting on the idea, so far.

I like this country version, too… though. Nice work! Thanks. (payback?) :slight_smile:

Yeah since chrome 70 we cannot play sound without user consent :frowning: Hence the need for a button

Updated files and coding - have it working in Chrome now. See my first post above for details.

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

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Your rock!