The.mtl display of the.obj file is incomplete

May I ask why the display of.mtl file loaded by.obj is incomplete。
Whether to load the.obj file requires additional steps.
This is the original model

This is the loaded model (4.2 MB)
But in threejs you can load the full display

How are you loading the file? You can share a Playground with your code. Here’s how you can load your assets on it: Using External Assets In the Playground | Babylon.js Documentation ( MTLs are loaded by default as long as it can find a reference to it, as per this example: Babylon.js Playground (

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This is what I see in the sandbox by disabling point clouds on the materials

And why can the sandbox drag freely, but my model can not drag like the sandbox silky, may I ask my code is still missing that step, or my model problem?

Can screenshot your configuration, why can’t my sandbox load found.mtl, prompt “Not allowed to load local resource: file://./IronMan.mtl”

Here it is

in the sandbox you need to drag both files at once for it to work