The Ogi - Cycles, a cozy adventure game!

Hello! I’ve been developing an amazing cozy adventure game about mystery and exploration with a splash of puzzle! I’ve been doing this for about half a year now.

The Ogi: Cycles is a cozy adventure set in the world of Mullar! Find out about curious places, the terrible storms, meet new friends and experience the unique areas by drawing your way through an emotional story!

Enjoy the moments, take it at your own pace, delve into mysteries, listen to the sounds of the wind and spot birds and creatures on your way!

It’s a unique experience where my aim is to create a great story, world and intrigue with a focus on usability as well! One big technical feature is that it runs on any WebGL capable device with a super low memory footprint, which means, super fast loading times (even on slow and metered connections) and whip out your iphone 5, because it even runs smoothly on that!

Dream game coming true with BabylonJS!
Thank you so much for working on this engine!

Play it right in the browser here:

Or on steam:


This is great! I love this art style! :heart_eyes:
And don’t get me started on the audio… wow… just wow.

I would totally buy this game on my NS!


Looks like I cannot play the demo from your site at this very moment.
Else, this seems like a real cool project. The steam link seems ok. I might give it a try later today or tomorrow.

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What a lovely looking game! Can’t wait to see more of it :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks for the report! =) I just applied a patch which should fix the issue!

Yup. That the did the trick :smiley:
Let me tour it a little but I can already say this is very cute. GJ,

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Love the art direction!

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This really looks stunning, amazing work !!!

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Yes, that’s an impressive piece of work you did there in just 6-month (is it? on your own?)
Congrats. Some nice tricks for game design with the camera when going through obstacles. Never seen that before. GJ really (and I mean it) :smiley:


Thanks a ton for the words! BabylonJS has really become my engine of choice for many projects, for me the main reason is that it’s just fun to work with (not to mention the community, forums and the docs!), never really had that before with other engines. Really amazing work to you too!

It’s about 6 months now, development and testing really picked up ~4 months ago.
I personally love the camera design, I believe I’ve hit a nice spot where it’s not giving users motion sickness. I really want to portray the feeling of being lost in the woods, when the player character is behind many trees, without it being too overstimulating :smile:

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