The problem of model texture sampling
What do you think of this

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  • You can’t change it to I, you get an error

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Hey nasimias for the enderRender you mentioned before, can it achieve the effect I want?This is a scene that you used to answer someone’s question. Can you use it in my scene
But it seems that the grid will report an error using EnderRender

are you sure i do?

Works for me?

Actually I think we got a bug here!
Works of first compilation, but not second.
@Deltakosh @julien-moreau <-- two guys who might know why its not releasing the buffer.

Yup I just confirmed if you do a raw load of the page and enable the line system it works, but anytime after the first it presents that error.

What we can do to be proactive is make another test case.
^On it^

The scene where you help others is getting results, but my scene doesn’t get what it wants

  • I’d like to know the reason, too. It’s a headache:困:

Ok fine, fine, fine… Ill write up a shader…

haha give me a minute here, I gotta look up some stuff.

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there is no apologies for progress!

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You use an automatic translator don’t you?

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Ok, you are Chinese! I will try to not use any slang language or abbreviations in my explanations to keep everything clear.

English can be very crazy when someone uses it improperly assuming the context will carry over.

Thank I‘m waiting for you good news:slightly_smiling_face:

@Pryme8 @nasimiasl EdgesGeometry shows unnecessary cords · Issue #10517 · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub

  • can see this example ?

Now with this method we are going to have to do a couple of rtt passes and grab different states of the shader.

The benefit of having it as a custom shader, is we can have a uniform in the main that we toggle when certain rtt renderstates are done and have our output be what ever we want.

So for example we can control it to be first the color pass of the front faces, second the color pass of the back faces, third the front face wireframes only, and last the backface wireframes.

We could then add and ramp the colors any way needed, pass the wireframes to a glow pass etc.

The sky’s the limit as long as we have barycentric coordinates on our mesh.

Praise to our ancestors: Barycentric position in shader always zero - Questions & Answers - HTML5 Game Devs Forum

here is a fix to the mixing

I always thought it was a bad way to test with a ball, because most of the models used in the scene are stereoscopic, and it was a bad way to test with a ball, so I’ll switch to a box and see the difference

here you go then.